Angela Lussier, CEO + Founder

angela-lussier-ceo-founder-speaker-sisterhoodAngela Lussier started off as a self-described “shy girl” and is now an award-winning professional speaker, five-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, and entrepreneur. After starting a career consulting business in 2009 with no marketing budget, Angela decided to offer free workshops to become known in her field. In her first year of business, she gave hundreds of presentations, published her first book, spoke at TEDx, and started to receive calls from corporations and conferences asking her how much she charged to speak. This launched her into a speaking career she never expected to have.

Today, Angela is the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood and she also hosts a weekly show, Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for women. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.

Amber Ladley, Creative Director


Amber finds tremendous joy in being creative and helping others. Becoming the Creative Director for the Speaker Sisterhood is a dreamy combination of all of her favorite things. Since joining the team in November 2016, she’s had the pleasure of brainstorming ideas, creating handmade gifts for members, and building the Speaker Sisterhood website.

As a business owner and educator in the creative reuse and technology fields, Amber enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She regularly teaches on topics such as how to create your own website and crafting with repurposed materials. Her speaking journey began shortly after meeting Angela in the Spring of 2016 and taking part in the Speaking School for Women. Since becoming involved with the Speaker Sisterhood she has enjoyed meeting many incredible women who have encouraged her to speak up especially when her palms are sweating and her heart is thumping. She looks forward to contributing to this movement, so that women all over the world can find comfort and support in finding their own voice and speaking their truth.

Lenore Braun, Club Director

lenore-braun-club-directorWe are all one conversation away from creating our next opportunity. That’s Lenore’s personal motto. While on her own professional journey, Lenore began taking small steps towards being a part of something bigger than herself, something focused on helping others and driven by effective and meaningful communication. It started with a conversation and grew into opportunity to wear 2 remarkable hats: Club Director of Speaker Sisterhood: Empowering women to step up as leaders within their own communities, and The Unstuck Coach, where she empowers women to create meaningful change within their own lives.  These 2 hats form the perfect partnership because Lenore discovered her own unstuckness through her Speaker Sisterhood journey. Lenore also serves as a proud Leader of 3 Virtual Clubs: An opportunity for women all over the world to come together, discover their voice and grow in their confidence to show up in the world as the person they are striving to be.

sandra-costello-brand-ambassadorSandra Costello, Brand Ambassador

Sandra Costello is a Massachusetts portrait photographer, optimist, public speaker, and the kind of cheerleader all women want by their side. She’s always positive and ready to encourage you to tackle the thing you thought you couldn’t do. She is living her life one brave moment after another and she wants you to join her.


erin-counter-bookkeeperErin Counter, Bookkeeper

Erin joined the Speaker Sisterhood in 2017 with the goal of making a difference from behind the scenes. Erin holds a unique combination of analytical and creative skills (including a one-two punch of accounting and psychology degrees under her belt). Erin leverages her natural go-get-em’ drive and love of behind-the-scenes strategy to get things done. It’s not that she’s obsessed with mindless number crunching, it’s that Erin believes power lies with numbers because they tell the real story of how to get from point A to B successfully. Small picture goals and big pictures goals are equally important, and with her professional background, education and love for helping others, she finds the perfect balance. Erin is thrilled to be a part of the Speaker Sisterhood’s dynamic, driven and creative team, and to do her part in building a network that is empowering women all over the world.

beth-ann-jedziniak-public-relations-speakersisterhoodBeth Ann Jedziniak, Public Relations

Beth Ann Jedziniak has a passion for the written word. She joined Speaker Sisterhood in 2017 because she wanted to find her voice but, like many women, she was unsure if she had anything of value to say. She recently gave her third speech and received a standing ovation. I guess she found something to say! Previously, she was the founder of Operation Fat Monkey – a project created to bring a smile to her son while he was deployed overseas. She has also done editing work and co-wrote a blog. She is excited for the opportunity to join this dynamic team and looks forward to encouraging other women to find their voices.

adrienne-roth-brand-amabassadorAdrienne Roth, Brand Ambassador

Adrienne Roth joined Speaker Sisterhood at its inception, and hasn’t turned back since! Through her past experiences in labor support and childbirth education, as well as real estate and hospice care, she has found her purpose in helping others ask for what they need, and find their voice! This is what led her to want to be a Brand AmBadAss-er (ok, Ambassador). It is Adrienne’s goal to get the world excited about Speaker Sisterhood, and ask women all over the world to join us in raising our voices!

lauren-simonds-social-media-web-content-speakersisterhoodLauren Simonds, Social Media + Web Content

Lauren Simonds is a former paramedic, a Smith College graduate, an award-winning small business tech journalist, and she currently works as a freelance writer and editor. After years of writing for other people (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Lauren joined a Speaker Sisterhood club to find and reawaken her own voice. It’s a grand adventure, and she’s thrilled to join the Speaker Sisterhood team and help other women begin their own unique journey.