Interested in learning about Speaker Sisterhood membership and building your public speaking skills? Join us for our launch party to learn more! Launch date TBD. Plan to stay the entire time. 

This club will meet virtually on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month from 9:00-11:00am ET.

Where: Zoom (You will receive the link when you inquire about attending)

To attend our launch party, fill out the contact form below and Magdalena will be in touch with more information.

Letter from the club leader:

I admit it, I was hesitant to join another woman’s club. But public speaking has been such a feared and necessary skill I have struggled with throughout my life, that I decided to give it a try with the hope to get “something valuable” from it. 

To my wonder – I loved it!  It certainly helped me overcome the panic of public speaking; many times I even enjoyed giving a speech! What a new feeling, I even surprised myself! Speaker Sisterhood quickly became a strong support group for me. Soon I understood why I had to be there, it was a group I truly belonged to.

The curriculum I received after joining has been a teacher in itself, providing me tools I will certainly use for the rest of my life. It highlights key building blocks such as how to create a speech, identify my passions in life, find my strengths and finally how to use them.

As a club leader I am committed to holding the space for each member in the group. I look forward to accompanying you on your very personal public speaking path and celebrate your growth and accomplishments.

I invite you to join me, I encourage you to give it a try, and be open to surprising yourself!


About Magdalena:

Magdalena is an Interior Designer that specializes in planning and designing micro-celebrations as well and theme table designs for special occasions. Her business philosophy is deeply rooted on the concept of “play.” Well explained by play specialist Stuart Brown: “Play shapes the brain, opens imagination and invigorates the soul.” Maga will definitely incorporate this philosophy into her Speaker Sisterhood Club Meetings!

Contact Magdalena to learn more:

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