Speaker Sisterhood is coming to Cleveland, OH.  Join us for our upcoming Launch Party November 2018 to see what the excitement is all about!

The Launch Party is an incredible opportunity to come together with like-minded women and have some fun! You’ll get to participate in some interactive exercises, hear the story of how Speaker Sisterhood came to be and discover what being a part of this community means for you. You’ll even get to test drive what being a member is all about.

Our goal is to have fun, inspire and connect with some amazing women. Will you join us?

Launch Party details coming soon. Message me below if you are interested in joining us and would like updates.

tiffany-adebo-cleveland-ohio-public-speaking-club-womenLetter from the club leader, Tiffany, Adebo:

Hi! Welcome to Speaker Sisterhood of Cleveland. Our club is the perfect place to practice public speaking, strengthen your voice and gain confidence in yourself. If you are looking for a group of women who want to empower other women, you are in the right place. I look forward to meeting you!



About Tiffany Adebo

Tiffany is passionate about learning and is always searching for new opportunities to improve herself, this includes growing her public speaking skills. Growing up as a shy and quiet person, Tiffany’s journey with Speaker Sisterhood has helped to grow her confidence in every day conversation.  This is the type of confidence she hopes to bring to other women of Cleveland.

Contact Tiffany/RSVP to visit the Cleveland, OH Club