Wednesday mornings at 85 River Road, Collinsville, CT 06019
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, 9:00-11:00am.

Letter from the club leader, Alicia Davis:

alicia-davis-speaker-sisterhood-southington-connecticutWelcome to the Speaker Sisterhood of Collinsville, Connecticut! The Speaker Sisterhood is a rapidly growing community of women who share a common desire to feel more comfortable and confident in expressing themselves in personal conversations, business interactions, and/or professional speaking.

This club is for you if:

  • You feel shy, tentative, anxious, or just plain scared when it comes to voicing your thoughts and feelings—and you want to be more direct, clear, and calm when talking in any situation.
  • You are a professional woman whose ideas have been overlooked, ridiculed or dismissed in meetings or your workplace, and you want to be taken seriously, have your insights be heard, and even inspire others to find their own voice.
  • You are an aspiring professional speaker who has a message to share in the world but sometimes you doubt your ability to convey it, and you want to create exciting and meaningful content, engage more authentically with your audience, and refine your delivery for maximum impact.
  • You are willing to show up, be real (maybe even vulnerable), share your stories, and give and receive authentic, caring, and growth-focused feedback.
  • You want to hang out with FUN, smart, committed, genuine, powerful women and create meaningful connections, invaluable friendships, and potentially lifelong bonds!

Curious but not sure? No problem! Invite a friend to check out the group with you; the first meeting is FREE!

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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About Alicia Davis

Alicia Davis, PCC, LMT is a Professional Certified Coach and a CT Licensed Massage Therapist with over 25 years of experience in holistic healthcare. She specializes in the healing arts, stress reduction, mind/body connection, mindfulness practices, and individual and team wellbeing. Alicia brings a unique Core Energy coaching approach to health, wellness and balanced living.

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