Tuesday evenings at Mill 180 Park, 180 Pleasant Street, Suite 217 Easthampton, MA 01027. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 6:30*-8:30PM.

*Mill 180 Park will be open for us at 6pm so that you can arrive early to catch up with friends, network and settle in. A variety of food and drink will be available at the cafe for purchase. No outside food/drinks are permitted in the park.

berit-elizabeth-easthampton-speaker-sisterhood-womens-speaking-clubLetter from the club leader, Berit Elizabeth:

“Too many women in too many countries speak the same language – silence.”

– Hillary Clinton

Bring your dry mouths, your unleashed voices, your wobbly knees and your desire to change the world, one presentation at a time! The Speaker Sisterhood is a club about empowerment for women who want to use public speaking as a tool for personal development. This network is an incubator for powerful voices and healthy risk taking.

I’m honored to be leading this group in Easthampton, MA! After having vocal surgery at age 19, I became very conscious of my own manner of speaking and drew on my theater training to find my own authentic voice. I bring my interest in body language and developing speaker presence to this group.

Whether you’re interested in enhancing your public speaking powers to become a more confident communicator in your personal relationships, business presentations, or professional speaking engagements, this is your secure & awesome arena to practice. There are no mistakes on this journey and every member travels at her own pace.

  • If you’ve ever passed up an opportunity and later wished you’d spoken up, this club will help you to reduce that inhibition, or even eliminate it altogether!
  • If you dream of being onstage giving presentations but you’re not sure what to say, you’ll learn how to develop material that’s meaningful to you and easy to talk about.
  • If you’ve ever felt embarrassed when all attention is on you, you’ll learn to be comfortable been seen and to ask for the feedback you need.

Stop by to see us in action—Your first two meetings are free, and feel free to invite a friend.

I look forward to hearing your voice!


About Berit Elizabeth

Berit Elizabeth is a certified Body Language Trainer and Emotive Agility®Coach. Though she has always loved being on stage, Berit is most interested in the tackling the drama of everyday life. Her signature process uncovers the art of performing one’s true self during stressful conversations and presentations. For nearly a decade Berit has coached individuals on training the extension of the mind we call the body. She also leads corporate trainings on emotional intelligence and the under-leveraged power of body language to enhance our presence, leave great first impressions, and approach our work and personal lives with increased confidence.

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