Interested in learning about Speaker Sisterhood membership and building your public speaking skills? Join us for our virtual launch party to learn more! This club is coming soon.

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*This club will be meeting virtually for the foreseeable future.

Letter from club leader Amy Grommes Pulaski:


Welcome to my club page. Speaker Sisterhood provides a space to share your stories, grow your voice, reflect on who you are, and explore who you want to become. It’s a space to be silly, to laugh out loud, to share big ideas, and small ones too, and sometimes to shed a few tears.

What I have learned is that sharing and witnessing one another’s stories is not only liberating, it is also empowering. Participating in Speaker Sisterhood changed me. That is why and I am so excited to bring Speaker Sisterhood back to Maine.

I hope that you, too, can find the courage to try something new. Join us!

See you soon!


About Amy

Amy has dedicated her career to solving community problems through creativity and partnerships. Trained in both engineering and community development, she has the ability to see across disciplines and boundaries to create holistic solutions. As a professional facilitator, Amy helps groups move through change. Her work includes community level impact, organizational strategy and restructuring, and how we inspire and create opportunities for change in one another. Throughout her career Amy has chosen work that continues to have a positive impact on people and in local communities.

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