Curious what Speaker Sisterhood is all about? Guests are welcome!

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month from 9:30a – 11:30a

Location: Artesana, 362 Dwight St, Holyoke, MA 01040

Interested in stopping by to check out your one free meeting as a guest? Our club leader has all of the details to help get you started. Simply send a note to the club leader using the contact form below.

Letter from the club leader, Amber Ladley:

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Hi! I’m Amber Ladley. Thanks for your interest in joining the Speaker Sisterhood of Holyoke! I was first introduced to the Speaker Sisterhood in 2016 after graduating from Angela Lussier’s Speaking School for Women. I had built several talks centered on creativity and needed a place to practice.

In September of that year, I joined the Northampton Speaker Sisterhood club. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I was scared to death of getting in front of that room to speak. My knees felt like they were dancing to the beat of my own heart and I could hear it thumping in my ears so loudly as I made my way up to the lectern. While I wondered if everyone else could hear it too, I would simultaneously be wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans, but then it was over…I had done it! I got up there and delivered a speech. And then I did it again and again and again. Each time everyone clapped and shared valuable feedback. Eventually I started to find the process less scary, more thrilling, and even kind of fun.

Although I still get nervous before speaking, I have a better relationship with my body and it has begun to cooperate with my desire to dance with my fear rather than allowing it to block me from moving. As a result of this work: I’m more confident when speaking, more attentive when listening, and I’ve learned to nurture my inner critic thanks to the support of my Speaker Sisters.

Five months after becoming a member of the Speaker Sisterhood, I launched this club. I wanted to create a space for even more women to discover their voice and I’m so happy I did. Public speaking is a skill and anyone can learn it, but the most important piece is real practice. That’s where the magic of our club comes in…Each member of our group creates their own speaking journey and they are supported by the Speaker Sisterhood curriculum, as well as each other. Some of my members joined because they want to offer workshops, be able to pitch their business in an authentic way, advance their career, and/or learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, I’m proud to say that each of them have achieved great success.

Our group is warm and welcoming and I hope you’ll join us as a guest. There is no charge to visit, just fill out the form below to let me know you’re coming. I look forward to meeting you soon!



Connect with Amber

If you’d like to visit the Holyoke club as a guest or if you have questions for Amber, please use the form below:



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