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Letter from the club leader:


I’ve always thought . . .We all have a story to share.  I still believe this today.  I was not encouraged to speak up much as a child but my life’s journey had a way of changing that.  I found myself speaking in networking groups and with my job as a flight attendant, I was often given the mic!   I hosted a coffee house in NH for 10 years, once again on the “mic.”  I even gave it a go at singing!!  And, I advocate for women (and men) without their children.   I have also taught a few crafting and massage therapy classes along the way.

This led me to search out Speaker Sisterhood so I could hone my speaking skills.  When I learned there was an opportunity to host meetings, I proceeded to get trained to become a club leader to host my own meetings!!

I have been an online member of Becky Vesce’s group out of CT. I admire the women in my current group, the professional camaraderie is the best I’ve experienced.  I plan to stay in my group while I host a group in Southern NH. 

The first meeting you attend is free! Invite a friend and give our online Zoom meetings a try!  I have met women from all over the world!  You may find a tribe of likeminded women like I have.  I look forward to meeting you!


About Pam

Pam’s professional background has been both corporate and entrepreneurial. She has always loved aviation and pursued an aviation career first as an Air Traffic Controller and then twice as a Flight Attendant. As much as she loved to be in the sky, her entrepreneurial spirit was always pushing at her. She has had many businesses, her most recent being massage therapy. She describes herself as a natural hostess, having hosted the longest running coffee house in New Hampshire until two years ago. Pam is also an AIRBNB hostess and her personal interests include hiking, houseplants and crafting! She loves being around people so up until COVID, she participated in outdoor farmers markets. She is a mom of two young men ages 24 and 26 and they are what keep her going! Pam is also a full-time caregiver to her father who lives with her and her dog Melody.

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