angela-journal-speakersisterhoodThe Speaker Sisterhood was founded in August 2016 as an experiment that came from an innocent question asked in Angela Lussier’s Speaking School for Women. The question, “Where can we practice our speeches?” led Angela to think about the options for women to get together and practice sharing their voice. Her conclusion: The options were very limited. In that moment, the Speaker Sisterhood was born.

It started as a journal entry and has become a network of speaking clubs for women who feel pulled to do something bigger and seek public speaking skills, the confidence to share their voice, and a strong, supportive circle of friends to help them do it. The Speaker Sisterhood is just getting started and we hope you’ll join us as a club leader, member, or donor* to our new startup. We’re recruiting women who are ready to make their voice heard and do something bigger with their gifts and talents. We dare you to check out a club meeting. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself.

*Note: Donations are not tax-deductible. Any donations received will be used to advance our mission to build public speaking clubs for women.

Letter from Angela Lussier, CEO:

Welcome to the Speaker Sisterhood! This opportunity is like a dream come true for me. Not only am I excited to witness the members of our clubs growing their confidence as speakers, but I also look forward to the friendships and support we will create. I learned early on that groups of women doing challenging work together builds an unbreakable bond and I can’t wait until more women join us. I hope you will check us out as we build the Speaker Sisterhood and create more opportunities for women. The most important things we have are our voice, our perspective, our creativity, and our leadership. It’s time we start sharing all of it.

To the journey,

Angela Lussier, CEO

angela-lussier-ceo-speakersisterhoodAngela Lussier started off as a self-described “shy girl” and is now an award-winning speaker, three-time author, two-time TEDx presenter, and trainer. After starting a career consulting business in 2009 with no marketing budget, Angela decided to offer free workshops to become known in her field. In her first year of business, she gave hundreds of presentations, published her first book, spoke at TEDx, and started to receive calls from corporations and conferences asking her how much she charged to speak. This launched her into a speaking career, which has led to her work on stage.

Today, Angela is the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood and the Speaking School for Women where she trains creative, entrepreneurial women to become paid speakers who inspire audiences. She also hosts a weekly show, Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for women. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.

Amber Ladley, Creative Director

amber-ladley-creative-director-speakersisterhoodAmber finds tremendous joy in being creative and helping others. Becoming the Creative Director for the Speaker Sisterhood is a dreamy combination of all of her favorite things. Since joining the team in November, she’s had the pleasure of brainstorming ideas, creating handmade gifts for members, and building the Speaker Sisterhood website.

As a business owner and educator in the creative reuse and technology fields, Amber enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She regularly teaches on topics such as how to create your own website and crafting with repurposed materials. Her speaking journey began shortly after meeting Angela in 2016 and taking part in the Speaking School for Women. Since becoming involved with the Speaker Sisterhood she has enjoyed meeting many incredible women who have encouraged her to speak up especially when her palms are sweating and her heart is thumping. She looks forward to contributing to this movement, so that women all over the world can find comfort and support in finding their own voice and speaking their truth.

Mira Kennedy, Intern


Mira Kennedy was born and raised in Massachusetts. She is currently a rising junior at UMass Amherst, studying English, and has been reading books about girls who save the world since learning how to read. As an English major, she loves writing, reading, and editing, and hopes to one day make a living editing books about girls who save the world. At the Speaker Sisterhood, she proofreads and edits blog posts, curriculum, and other Speaker Sisterhood written content. Mira is thrilled to be working with such passionate women at such a meaningful organization.

Board of Advisors

Carol Leary

Carol Leary

Dr. Carol Leary has served as President of Bay Path University since 1994. Bay Path, named in 2014 and 2015 by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the 20 fastest growing baccalaureate colleges in America, was the only women’s college to be included in the ranking. During her tenure, over 25 graduate and post-graduate degrees have been established for women and men.

Sarah Feingold

Sarah Feingold

Born an artist, Sarah Feingold decided that the best way to protect creative folk like herself was to attend law school. She is currently General Counsel of, changing the way people buy and sell cars. Previously, she spent nearly a decade scaling Etsy as its first in house lawyer. You can also find Sarah giving inspirational talks, hammering silver, and chasing her child.

Larry Goldberg

Larry Goldberg

Formerly the President and General Manager of WAQY FM and WLZX FM in Springfield, MA, Larry currently works for iHeart Media as an Inbound/Outbound Advertising Consultant. He also serves as an adjunct professor in the Business Management Department at Springfield College.

Jim Young

Jim Young

Jim Young has lived and worked in the Pioneer Valley for the past 15 years across a range of small- to mid-sized businesses. He has deep experience with the systems — both technical and interpersonal — that help organizations grow, run and develop. As a people manager, a leader, and a hands-on worker, Jim uses his training in improvisational comedy to help build cooperation and find supportive solutions.

Rick Plaut

Rick Plaut
Rick Plaut

In 2009 Rick became an entrepreneur after thirty years as a corporate “intrapreneur” — developing new products, customers, markets, and businesses. Rick shares the techniques and tools of the Lean LaunchPad and the Business Model Canvas with students at a number of local colleges including Smith, The Elms, and UMass. He is a mentor and facilitator for early stage start-ups at Valley Venture Mentors and independently is a board member and mentor for a variety of early stage enterprises.