SOTSCoverFinalSecrets of the Sisterhood: 45 Stories of Love, Truth and Power

This book is a compilation-style publication that features speeches written by Speaker Sisterhood members. These authors are courageous, powerful truth tellers. The 45 speeches were originally delivered in Speaker Sisterhood clubs across the U.S. between 2016 and 2019. You’ll read stories of believing, seeking, becoming, and so much more. You’ll laugh, cry, gasp, and feel empowered. You’ll see yourself reflected and want to cheer these women on as you simultaneously feel comforted and more connected to women everywhere. This book also serves as a fundraiser for our scholarship program, The Gratitude Fund. 50% of profits will go towards this fund to help more women access the power of the Speaker Sisterhood.

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TruthTellersCoverTruth Tellers: Do the Deep Work Backstage to be Real On Stage

by Angela Lussier

This is the year two curriculum for advanced members looking to improve their speaking skills while going deeper on their self exploration journey through public speaking.

Available only to members of the Speaker Sisterhood. Find a speaking club near you, join our virtual club, or start your own.


secret-life-speaking-up-prequel-30-tiny-speaking-adventuresThe Secret Life of Speaking Up Prequel: 30 Tiny Speaking Adventures

by Angela Lussier

In this tiny pocket book, you’ll learn how to build courage, gain confidence in yourself, and even look forward to speaking up through these 30 tiny speaking adventures. Practice the steps to express yourself with authenticity and discover how much power you really possess. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself.

If you like to have experiences that make you more aware, more confident, and more powerful, this book is for you. Learn how to speak up more often through 30 adventures specifically designed to help you build this skill set.

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the-secret-life-of-speaking-up-speakersisterhoodThe Secret Life of Speaking Up:
A Guide for Using Public Speaking As a Tool for Self-Discovery

by Angela Lussier

The Secret Life of Speaking Up takes curious adventurers on a journey through their stories, loves, passions, personal power, and dreams through a series of public speaking experiments. These experiments give Speaker Sisters the chance to do creative exploration, free write, deliver a speech they crafted themselves, gather feedback, reflect, and celebrate each step of the journey.

This program is built on the philosophy that each public speaking opportunity is a chance to discover, awaken, and ultimately create the voice each speaker will present to the world.

Available only to members of the Speaker Sisterhood. Find a speaking club near you, join our virtual club, or start your own.

domake-thehandbook-angela-lussierDo+Make: The Handbook for Starting Your Very Own Business

by Angela Lussier

Do+Make: The Handbook for Starting Your Very Own Business is the second book in a two-part series. Following up book 1, Who’s With Us? From Wondering to Knowing if You Should Start a Business in 21 Days, readers get the opportunity to build their very own business as they journey through the pages of each interactive chapter.

While millions of people are thinking about starting a business each day, brave and curious dreamers who read this book will be given the tools and steps needed to make their vision a new way of life.

In these pages, I share my experiences, teach you what you need to know to get started, and leave you with an entire business blueprint created by, and for, you. No longer wonder what business ownership might be like. Stop waiting and start creating your new future by picking up this book.

“If you’ve ever felt frustrated or boxed in by a job, ever felt that you had untapped creativity that you wanted to turn into a business, Do+Make is the handbook for you. Angela’s book is the best combination of clear, engaging writing and powerful advice. You feel like Angela is sitting next to you over a cup of tea, full of positive energy and encouragement, but with a side-order of ass-kicking to push you out of your comfort zone and on to success. Don’t wait another day to go after what you really want in life! Get this book and start creating today.”
Katy Tynan, Author of Free Agent: The Independent Professional’s Roadmap to Self-Employment Success, Founder of Liteskip Consulting Group

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who-with-us-book-angela-lussierWho’s With Us: From Wondering to Knowing if You Should Start a Business in 21 Days

by Angela Lussier

More than 600,000 businesses are started every year in the US. Yet, for every person who actually starts a business, there are millions more who are saying, “This is my year to start a business!” …and then don’t.

Many business books tell you how to start a business, but they don’t focus on answering the most important question aspiring entrepreneurs are asking:

Should I start a business?

The thought of business ownership is a promising one if you’re dealing with a boss who makes you want to scream, a job that is less than exciting, or a career path that doesn’t look promising. The idea of “doing what you love” is enticing as the tools to start—and build—a business are more accessible than ever. However, what does it actually mean to do what you love? What is a day in the life of a business owner really like, and what does it take to build a profitable business, not just tinker with your favorite hobby and make an occasional sale?

Not your typical business book, Who’s With Us? is a manual walking you through 10 self-assessments to determine if entrepreneurship is something that matches who you are, the lifestyle you want to create, and the future you are envisioning. You’ll also hear from 30 business owners who share what made them say, “It’s time.”

Who’s With Us? is a refreshing look at what aspiring entrepreneurs face as they go from asking themselves, “Would it work?” to, “I know what I’m going to do next.” Rather than ponder this question for a lifetime, spend 21 days reading this book.

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anti-resume-revolution-angela-lussierThe Anti-Résumé Revolution

by Angela Lussier

The Anti-Résumé Revolution is my first book and it’s all about creating an entrepreneurial mindset to help you take the driver’s seat in your career plan.

The days of slogging through a dreaded job with a terrible boss for a meager salary are no longer necessary – there are so many career options these days, you’d be crazy not to investigate all your options.

Great jobs and business opportunities DO exist and The Anti-Résumé Revolution will help you land one.

This book is loaded with practical tips on how to craft and convey your personal brand, how to present yourself, what to talk about at an interview, and how to craft an anti-résumé that sings! You’ll walk away much more confident about what you want and how to get it.

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