Have a strong and impressive team that’s lacking valuable public speaking skills online or on stage? Looking for creative and valuable solutions to retain your high performers?

Welcome to Present Like a Pro, the corporate training division of Speaker Sisterhood. Built to increase communication and leadership skills, improve team trust and connection, and allow for valuable personal development.

We offer high value, fun public speaking development programs for your team using our signature six-month speaker development curriculum. All of our programs can be modified to meet the needs of specific groups like women-only, executives, rising leaders, sales teams, and more!

Our programs are designed to offer support and training to help our participants: 

  • see themselves as qualified and “worthy” to speak 
  • feel confident representing expertise and value 
  • cultivate the presence needed to command and persuade others
  • gain skill in developing compelling content 
  • use slides and visuals to tell a hard-to-forget story 
  • develop the ability to think on their feet

Join clients like these in bringing this unique and effective program to your team!

Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care organization in the United States.

Wakefern Food Corp, the largest retailers’ cooperative group of supermarkets in the US headquartered in Keasbey, New Jersey.

Baystate Health Systems, a health system that includes 5 hospitals, over 80 medical practices, and 25 reference laboratories in Massachusetts.

CEI Women’s Business Center or Coastal Enterprises, Inc. A nonprofit, 501(c)3 community development financial institution in Portland, Maine.

What they have to say…

“I really appreciate the tools we were given, and the ability to have my peers as my audience was extremely helpful.”

“I love having a framework to follow when giving a talk. I also thought it was useful to have a lot of practice giving speeches. This course definitely made me feel more comfortable with public speaking. It also gave me some great tools to use (hand gestures, encouraging audience participation, etc.) to be more dynamic and engaging.”

“I got so much out of the course – the importance of storytelling, connecting with my audience, confidence in speaking up. Thank you!”

100% of participating physicians in our Kaiser Permanente speaking group said this program met their expectations, the educational topics met their needs, and they would recommend it to a colleague.

The goals of our program are to help your team use public speaking and presentation skills to advance their career, enhance their leadership impact, and build visibility for your organization through client, conference and event presentations.

Does your team…

…know the benefits of your products or services inside out, but when it comes to pitching, presenting and negotiating, they lose the ability to speak confidently?

…lack the storytelling skills and persuasive power to guide your clients toward bigger sales and longer contracts?

…shy away from the spotlight when asked for valuable input and ideas in groups?

…stop themselves from applying for higher level positions in fear of needing to speak or being more visible in the organization?

…turn down key opportunities to be in the spotlight, like speaking at an industry conference or representing the company at an event? 

…believe they are not charismatic or outgoing enough to be excellent speakers?

What if, in just six months, your team could be:

  • selling more boldly, looking forward to pitching larger contracts, and confidently negotiating higher rates?
  • saying yes to valuable brand building opportunities and presenting on stage and online at industry conferences and events?
  • telling compelling stories and connecting with your clients on a deeper level to create longer relationships and repeat business?
  • feeling more confident and comfortable sharing ideas, seeing themselves as leaders, and taking more initiative to speak up?
  • rewriting the story of who they are and what they’re capable of now and in the future?

What if I told you they could learn these skills alongside 10 of their team members in a safe, supportive space?

Join thousands of others benefiting from the training of Present Like a Pro and Speaker Sisterhood since 2016!

Like Erin:

“I loved my experience, I learned so much. I gave a speech in front of 100 people last week and it went AMAZING thanks to your training!”

Or Rose:

I signed up to practice an upcoming presentation but found out it’s much more than public speaking training! I became a more confident communicator in my relationships, at work, and when meeting new people at networking events. Thank you!!”

Public speaking clubs meet virtually once a month for two and a half hours. 

Example Club: Meets first Wednesday of the month starting March 2nd, 12:00 – 2:30pm ET 

Meeting dates: March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3

Once your group is signed up, we will meet to determine the best day of the week and time of day for your group. You will also be assigned a licensed, experienced club leader who will facilitate each meeting for you.

What you get:

Six 2.5 hour online meetings that include: 

  • 30 minute recorded skills training presented by Angela Lussier, Speaker Sisterhood CEO and Founder 
  • Facilitated practice session for each member to deliver a prepared 5-7 minute speech from the curriculum and receive group feedback

Connection outside of meetings:

  • Get an assigned accountability buddy from your club to help with support, practice, and brainstorming

What is covered in the six training sessions:

Class 1: Storytelling + Eye Contact
Learn how to tell a story that connects with the hearts of your audience and find out how to use eye contact effectively to connect with the audience.

Class 2: Persuasion + Gestures
Learn how to promote an idea, support a cause, or convince your team to take action to change. Learn gestures to enhance your ideas and help your audience “see” your points.

Class 3: Audience Interaction + Movement
Discover fun strategies to engage the audience in-person and online and find out why movement is so important.

Class 4: Props, Slideshows + Voice Power
Learn to master visuals and notes gracefully and effectively. Find out how to incorporate breathing, pausing, and varying the speed of your talk for maximum effectiveness.

Class 5: Your Signature Talk
Combine skills learned throughout the program to create a signature talk you can present in front of various audiences and at a range of events.

Class 6: Final Speeches + Graduation!
Deliver a signature talk that either highlights your line of work or summarizes what you have learned from this program and how you will apply it.

Want to get started with your own club? Fill out our contact form below to schedule a 30-minute consultation with our CEO!