angela-lussier-public-speaking-women-speakersisterhoodFrom Angela Lussier, Speaker Sisterhood’s CEO:

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my speaking page.

I should start by saying I never expected to be a speaker. I was the girl in class who never raised her hand, did everything she could to disappear, and opted for the 50 page book report instead of the 5-minute presentation.

So how does someone like that become a speaker?

I’ll give you two reasons.

1. Early in my career (around 2004), I observed one common trait among the leaders I encountered. They were all amazing communicators, both on stage and in one-on-one meetings. Dang. That was a scary observation because that meant if I wanted to be a leader, I had to do the thing I dreaded most: talk.

2. When I started my career consulting business in 2009, I had no money for a marketing budget. I left my job after my boss told me my “creativity was an issue” and ran out the door with a plan that would prove him wrong. It turns out naysayers are great motivation! With lots of time and no money, I immediately started booking free workshops anywhere and everywhere. I did around 500 presentations in my first year of business and quickly became known as a speaker.

As you can tell, getting on stage was something I did out of necessity, not because I’m a natural presenter or because I was born with exceptional communication skills.

The funny thing that happened is that I fell in love with speaking. Once I got over the fear, stopped crying on the way to my gigs, and pushed away the worry that I would completely bomb, I started to enjoy talking to groups.

Without realizing it, I had become that person who raises her hand, gets on stage, and leads.

Today, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country to speak at conferences, Fortune 500 companies, large associations, universities, non-profits, and leadership organizations.

By stepping into the role of a leader, I became a leader.

If you would like to book me to speak, please email me through my contact page.

I love to help people who are interested in self-discovery, experimenting with their ideas, and seeing their life as an adventure. My favorite presentations are the ones that get the audience involved and creates a mindset shift before they even leave the room. I’m a speaker who teaches through stories, humor, and audience interaction. I’m often described as real, funny, creative, and thoughtful.

Presenting at TEDx in Washington, DC in 2010

My signature talk:

Discover Your Power Voice by Angela Lussier

angela-lussier-woman-speaker-public-speaking-voice-massachusettsHave you ever raised your hand to speak and barely a squeak came out?  Have you formed an entire speech in your mind, only to go blank when it was your turn to present? This presentation will help you avoid losing your power and teach you how to create confidence and strength in the moments when you need it most. Stop walking away from opportunities because you lack the ability to speak up effectively.

This workshop will help you increase and develop your:

  • Confidence when pitching ideas
  • Self-awareness and comfort when speaking
  • Sense of control and power in any setting
  • Authority while representing expertise and value
  • Presence to command and persuade others
  • Skill in creating compelling content
  • Ability to “think on your feet”

Learn the tools and techniques to present yourself with power in high pressure situations through fun and easy small group and partner exercises. If you’re watching opportunities pass you by and want to change that, this workshop is for you!

 A Sampling of Past Presentations:

  • Babson College WIN Lab
  • Western Mass Business Expo
  • Women in Business Summit
  • HubSpot
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Boeing Change Accelerator
  • Comcast Business Class
  • Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • IEEE International Leadership Conference
  • Smith College
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Mount Holyoke College



Speaking Samples

Discover Your Power Voice speech excerpt (10:25)

TEDxPennQuarter: Reinventing Work, Angela Lussier

TEDxSpringfield: Becoming Who You Are, Angela Lussier


Angela provided useful advice with a sprinkling of humor, to challenge women (and men) to find ways to overcome their fears of public speaking with techniques such as reframing and power posing. Our virtual audience as well as our team members in the room were very grateful for Angela’s talk. We’d love to have her back another time.

— Deborah Donaldson, Co-Lead, Women In Action Resource Group, Dell EMC

We all really enjoyed Angela’s presentation, especially the group exercises, and her sense of humor. We will definitely keep Angela in mind for other events.

— Andrea Thompson, HP Hood Women’s Leadership Conference Committee Member

As a past president of the Washington, DC National Speakers Association and witness to hundreds of presenters, I feel confident saying Angela is in the top 2% of speakers in her generation. She is smart, genuine, compelling and inspiring. I will predict now that she is one to watch!

— Martha Johnson, Founder & President (Ret.) of Growth Dynamics, Bethesda, MD

Angela’s fresh approach and authentic experience lifted our group to new levels. With her words, we had the confidence to make change happen, both individually and as a group. We would definitely have her back for more unpretentious wisdom.

— Rex Williams, Boeing Change Accelerator

Angela’s energy and positive messages made a huge impression – even on those members of the audience who might have viewed her ideas with some skepticism. I highly recommend Angela as a speaker and am certain her story and advice will resonate with any audience she works with.

— Kim Figuoroa, Director of Internships, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst

I have had the opportunity to work with Angela in a small group setting, with two students, and in a large group setting with more than 300 high school students, as well as in an adult group setting. Each time she has demonstrated a talent for engaging her audience, eliciting positive feedback and providing motivational ideas that inspire the people she is working with to reach beyond their comfort zone, to think out of the box and to focus on what truly matters. In all instances her passion, her knowledge and her dedication to motivating others to aspire to higher goals shines through. It is definitely a pleasure to work with Angela and the investment makes a lasting impact.

— Jennifer Connolly, President, Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts

To book Angela to speak, contact her here.