It’s easy to become a Speaker Sister.

First, decide what kind of club you want to join. We have two types:

  1. Self-Paced: Join one of these clubs at any time and get started at your own pace. Enrollment is always open and you can maintain membership as long as you’d like. Some members get what they need in six months, others stay for three+ years!
    1. Club size: 15 women
    2. Join anytime. Check out our list of virtual clubs and attend as a guest here.
    3. Once you’ve attended as a guest, the club leader will get you enrolled and you can get started immediately.
    4. Month-to-month memberships available, cancel anytime.
    5. Monthly membership fee is $47 and there is an initial $30 materials fee to get started.
  1. Express: Join an express club to fast track your communication skills! These clubs are accelerated, six month online training programs for women who want to grow their skills quickly.
    1. Club size: 10 women
    2. Enrollment is only open when a new club launches.
    3. Meetings include structured mini classes at the start of each meeting and then a two-hour practice session for all members to give a 5-7 minute speech with tailored feedback.
    4. Pay $600 upfront for the entire program.
    5. Learn more about Speaker Sisterhood Express and get on the wait list.

Tax Deduction/Reimbursement of Speaker Sisterhood Fees

Program and membership fees are tax deductible for business owners and may be eligible for tuition reimbursement by your employer. Ask your employer what opportunities are available to you for professional development.

Program fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable; dues are subject to change.