What is the Speaker Sisterhood?

The Speaker Sisterhood is a network of speaking clubs that help women discover, awaken, and create their voice through the power of public speaking. These clubs are setup to help women get over their shyness, become part of a supportive community, and have fun while finding their voice. Join hundreds of other women in the Speaker Sisterhood community!

Why join the Speaker Sisterhood?

You’ll get:

  • increased confidence and comfort while speaking in front of groups
  • improved listening skills and ability to give constructive feedback
  • ease and grace when put on the spot to respond
  • ability to initiate and navigate difficult conversations
  • self-assurance while selling, pitching, and negotiating
  • enhanced skills for podcasting, webinars, and interviews

As a member, you get access to:

  • The Speaker Sisterhood’s signature Speaker Development Program
  • Your own copy of The Secret Life of Speaking Up, A Guide for Using Public Speaking as a Tool for Self-Discovery
  • A seat in your home club along with up to fifteen women
  • A library of public speaking tools, videos, worksheets and exercises
  • Discounted rates for Speaker Sisterhood special programs
  • Guest attendance at other clubs

And along the way you’ll be working on key skills such as:

  • How to plan a great talk or story
  • How to avoid fillers such as “um” and “like”
  • How to think on your feet
  • How to speak without the use of notes
  • Identify and work on your specific speaking goals, whatever they are

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Hear from our members:

“As challenging as it’s been for me, these meetings have been one of the best life classes I’ve ever taken. Difficult to put into words but there is some healing happening… and I feel like an onion—peeling back the layers to a better version of me I always knew was there.”

“I never knew how much I needed a club like this. I’ve never belonged to any clubs and now I think I get why people feel so connected. As soon as I walk through the door and see the smiles on those ladies faces, I feel so much better. When I leave there, I feel so good.”

“I’m a very emotional person and oftentimes demonstrate outward emotions when I’m talking. Sometimes that’s OK and other times it would be great to be able to keep it in check. Since I’ve joined the club I’ve had a couple of very challenging conversations and I was able to hold my own. Practicing speeches has made me more confident in myself and my message.”

Learn more about the Speaker Sisterhood and benefits of membership:

A brief snapshot of our Speaker Development Program

The Secret Life of Speaking Up:

A Guide for Using Public Speaking As a Tool for Self-Discovery 

IMG_0678The Secret Life of Speaking Up takes curious adventurers on a journey through their stories, loves, passions, personal power, and dreams through a series of public speaking experiments. These experiments give Speaker Sisters the chance to do creative exploration, free write, deliver a speech they crafted themselves, gather feedback, reflect, and celebrate each step of the journey.

This program is built on the philosophy that each public speaking opportunity is a chance to discover, awaken, and ultimately create the voice each speaker will present to the world.

the-secret-life-of-speaking-up-speakersisterhoodSection 1: Discover Your Voice

You’ll give three speeches in section 1 to help you get comfortable with standing in front of a group, sharing personal stories, and learning the power of your own voice.

Section 2: Awaken Your Voice

In this section, you’ll give three speeches that not only help you build your public speaking skills, but also help you connect with and awaken what is already inside of you. You’ll complete fun and creative exercises to help you build speeches that lead to self-discovery and more confidence.

Section 3: Create Your Voice

In the final section of our curriculum, you’ll be putting together what you’ve learned to tell deeper stories, to teach, to motivate, and inspire your audience. You’ll learn how to incorporate props, audience interaction, emotion, and more. Your final speech culminates in a keynote presentation that highlights your yearlong public speaking journey.

Your secret life awaits!

Total number of speeches: 10

Suggested time to complete: 1 year (20 meetings)


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How the Speaker Sisterhood Came to Be

An introduction and back story of how the Speaker Sisterhood was created by CEO + Founder, Angela Lussier.

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