Why join the Speaker Sisterhood?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Feel more confident and relaxed while speaking
  • Use tools to engage your audience from start to finish
  • Combine story, facts, and emotion to move audiences
  • Share your personal story with authenticity and power
  • Use humor effectively and naturally to increase audience response
  • Interact comfortably with audiences
  • Think on your feet for Q&A sessions, job interviews, and networking
  • Develop and use props, flip charts, and slides to effectively support your points

Get access to:

And along the way you’ll be working on key skills such as:

  • How to plan a great talk or story
  • How to avoid fillers such as “um” and “like”
  • How to think on your feet
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Identify and work on your specific speaking goals, whatever they are

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Hear from our members:

“As challenging as it’s been for me, these meetings have been one of the best life classes I’ve ever taken. Difficult to put into words but there is some healing happening… and I feel like an onion—peeling back the layers to a better version of me I always knew was there.”

“I never knew how much I needed a club like this. I’ve never belonged to any clubs and now I think I get why people feel so connected. As soon as I walk through the door and see the smiles on those ladies faces, I feel so much better. When I leave there, I feel so good.”

“I’m a very emotional person and oftentimes demonstrate outward emotions when I’m talking. Sometimes that’s OK and other times it would be great to be able to keep it in check. Since I’ve joined the club I’ve had a couple of very challenging conversations and I was able to hold my own. Practicing speeches has made me more confident in myself and my message.”

Here’s a brief snapshot of our Speaker Development Program

Adventures in Storytelling

Learn how to tell a story that feels satisfying to you and the audience! Share an episode that reveals an essential truth about you, tell about a moment of insight, or simply entertain the audience.

Adventures in Persuasion

Learn about—and practice—the art of persuasion. Maybe you want to promote a candidate, support a cause, or convince your city council to change parking rules? We’ll show you how to change hearts and minds.

Adventures in Humor

Humor can be a powerful tool to get audiences to engage and bond with you. In this section, you’ll learn how and where to add humor to your talks in authentic way.  And don’t worry, you don’t need to be “naturally funny” to make people laugh.

Adventures in Audience Interaction

Now that you are comfortable at the front of the room, learn how to engage the audience with you and each other. You’ll learn how to get the audience to interact with each other, how to give instructions, debrief a discussion, and handle those Q&A sessions.

Adventures in Visual Aids

Sometimes it’s just you up there, and sometimes you’ve got “stuff” with you at the front of the room. In this section, you’ll learn to master props, flip charts, slides, and notes gracefully and effectively. Even all at once!

Adventures in Movement and Gesture

In this section, you’ll learn how to use eye contact, gestures, and movement to reinforce your message, not distract from it. You’ll discover what works best for you and your talk and what feels right. It’s not about some “rules,” it’s about seeing your body as an ally!

Adventures in Voice Power

Discover the great variety and power of your voice. You’ll learn about breathing, pausing and varying the speed of your talk. You’ll find ways to use your voice to enhance every word of your talk so that listeners are spellbound!

Other topics we’ll cover:

  • Avoiding weak language for women
  • Facilitating a meeting
  • Great presentations using slides and handouts
  • How to handle notes when you’re speaking
  • Asking for a raise—or anything else
  • Saying “no” and feeling okay about it
  • Thinking on your feet

Become a Speaker Sister »