hari-stephen-kumar-speech-coach-speakersisterhoodHari is a performance storyteller, an artist-scholar, and an impelling speaker. He is a specialist in teaching public speaking to novices and amateurs, having taught award-winning courses on the topic at the college level and facilitating impactful workshops on presentation design and speaking skills for professionals. His own talks and multimedia performances focus on issues of race, gender, sexuality, religion, politics, and culture — the troubled streams that underlie our everyday lives.


  • Getting you to the point where you feel *great* on stage!
  • Claiming and crafting your body’s unique voice
  • Designing your message as a compelling set of scenes and stories
  • Becoming comfortable with stage fright and nervous energy
  • Changing norms and traditions of ‘speaking’ to hear non-normative and non-traditional voices


Hari is available most weekday evenings and weekends.

Hire Hari as Your Speech Coach

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