Is it expected that we attend the two meetings each month, and for what period of time?  Is this through the end of 2016, or beyond as well?

It is expected that members attend the two meetings each month. Repetition is what builds speaking skills and consistent attendance helps to build a stronger sisterhood! The club is expected to continue into 2017 and beyond. This is a brand new initiative and we are experimenting with the need for this offering.

It says membership is free for 2016, but what happens when the year is over?

There will be a membership fee starting in 2017. That fee is undetermined at this time as we are testing several models right now. We know the cost will be reasonable.

Can you provide an example of what a typical meeting would look like?

Meetings are two hours long and include time for an individual check-in, planned speeches, open feedback sessions, and a freestyle block for practice thinking on your feet. This model will be evolving as we test what works and what doesn’t. Member feedback is appreciated and requested as we get started!