We chose to name our scholarship fund, the “Gratitude Fund” as a memorial to this adorable and well-loved little guy in the Speaker Sisterhood family.

Speaker Sisterhood has a small Gratitude Fund for scholarship assistance. Women who would like to join a club, but need some financial help to do so can apply for a scholarship from the Gratitude Fund. The scholarship covers the $97 annual Program Fee only, and isn’t applicable to the monthly membership dues.

We actively raise money for the Gratitude Fund through events, individual club activities, and by promotion on our Web site and social media.

Donate to the Gratitude Fund

In order to keep the fund growing and allow more women to use it, we ask that scholarship recipients help keep the Gratitude Fund active by making a donation when their circumstances change. The replenishment gifts are entirely voluntary and not required to receive funds.

50% of the Gratitude Fund is specifically setup for women of color. If you identify this way, be sure to state this on the application form at the link below.

Be sure to check if your employer has funds for professional development that can cover all or part of you Speaker Sisterhood fees. In addition, workforce development funds may be available. You should contact your local career development center for more information.

Apply for Scholarship Assistance

To request a scholarship for the program fee, fill out the form below: