Speaker Sisterhood Presents: An online workshop Tuesday, October 6th at 7pm ET with Kelly Vogel of Sound Passage, a practice that helps people embody the power of their own voice through gentle sound and movement.

We are clearly living through difficult times. If you’re feeling a lot of unwanted stress, anxiety, and tension in your body and feeling unmotivated, this workshop will not only help you ease those feelings through gentle and simple exercises, but you’ll also get to have some fun! The best part is, these tools are easy to learn and easy to use anytime.

If you haven’t listened to our recent podcast episode featuring Kelly and some of her exercises, you can listen here.

Kelly’s work is all about helping you express yourself fully. If you’ve been holding yourself back, trying out this workshop may unlock the answers to why.

Outcomes you can expect from practicing these exercises:

  • Expressing yourself courageously
  • Pursuing your creative projects with confidence
  • More effectively speaking out against injustice
  • Channeling anxiety and stress into productive activity
  • Being listened to and taken seriously
  • Taking the next step professionally (starting your own thing, getting a promotion, taking on a big project)
  • Taking more risks
  • Letting go of perfectionism and experiencing true joy
  • Having more vocal gravitas and range when you speak with clients and groups
  • Becoming the leader you want to be

If these paths sound exciting to you, join us for a fun evening! Get registered below to claim your seat.

When: Tuesday, October 6th at 7pm ET

How it works: This 60-minute Zoom workshop will cover gentle exercises to open the jaw and throat, relaxing areas of the body that often hold tension. We will breathe, sigh, hum, and play with simple sounds. We will begin on our backs, and then move gently to standing to explore more sound. And if you don’t want to make a single sound or move, that’s ok too! Feel free to come and just check it out. You have permission to come just as you are, and participate however feels most comfortable to you. Your comfort level is one of the most important parts of the practice.

Online workshop featuring Kelly Vogel of Sound Passage


More about Kelly:

Kelly Vogel is the founder of Sound Passage, a practice that helps people embody the power of their own voice through gentle sound and movement. Originally from San Francisco, Kelly holds an MA in Literature and has been a college educator for over 20 years. She is also a singer-songwriter/pianist with three albums of original music. As an introvert, Kelly knows all-too-well the anxiety that public speaking and performing can generate. The creation and development of Sound Passage has been instrumental in helping her move from a place of vocal constraint to a place of inspiration. Kelly is a Learning Specialist at Smith College and lives in Easthampton, MA with her husband and daughter.