radio-logoDid that last question make you shudder? If so, keep reading!

The Northampton Radio Group is partnering with the Speaker Sisterhood to feature YOU — our club leaders and members! We’re showcasing women telling their truth through a series that will run over the station’s airwaves, on its website, and through its social media this year.

If this opportunity makes you squirmy or want to run away, you should definitely do it! Remember, growth comes through getting out of your comfort zone and doing things you think you can’t do. Why not challenge yourself and see what happens? Your story may inspire another woman to tell her own story.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Write a speech using “truth” as your theme.
  • Speech length: 90 seconds.
  • If you like, record a longer speech for podcast on
  • Both shorter and longer speeches may be produced for podcast and shared on the radio station’s website and social media platforms.
  • Once the podcast goes live, you’ll receive a link to your recording to share with the world!


  • You can either record your piece at WHMP studios in Northampton, MA, or you can record the speech yourself, and send good-quality mp3 recordings to Denise Vozella at Smartphones have a voice recorder app that makes recording easy.
  • Start your piece with “This is from .” If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your name or town, make them up.

Need inspiration and ideas? Listen to speeches submitted by the Speaker Sisterhood community and produced by Denise at WHMP.








Special thanks to Northampton Speaker Sisterhood club leader and WHMP news director, Denise Vozella, for conceiving this idea and making it happen!


How do you write a speech about “truth?” That seems vague.

Your speech can be about any topic that is true for you. You can tell a story about something that happened to you, share your feelings about a person or subject, or give a persuasive speech about something you care about. It’s wide open.

When will the pieces air?

The speeches will begin airing in March during Women’s History Month, and will continue to rotate over the following months (no end date established yet).

Is this opportunity only available for Speaker Sisterhood members?

No, this is an opportunity for club members and other women in the community to practice delivering a speech in a recording, and to be exposed to a wider audience.

How long will speeches be accepted?

Denise Vozella at WHMP is accepting speeches now and will take them through the end of June. (That may be extended, depending on how the response goes.)

How many submissions will you run?

25 submissions.

Who do I talk to about scheduling a time to record at the radio station?

Email Denise Vozella, News Director at WHMP: