Speaker Sisterhood presents our first online speaking  club for women!

10-week virtual club using video chat
Registration closed; Next club launching this fall — add your name to the waiting list below!


Speaker Sisterhood is dedicated to giving women the support, skills, and practice they need to become comfortable, confident, and compelling speakers. And now we’re bringing our clubs to women all over the world, virtually!

In Speaker Sisterhood clubs, members become more comfortable speaking as they experience the power of sharing their voice, their insights, and their story with others. Some members use public speaking as a tool to enhance their careers or promote a cause. Others want to speak up for what they care about—this includes themselves! And many surprise themselves with the transformative self-discovery they find as they share their voice. 

As a member of our virtual club, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Give frequent short (5-7 minute) talks that fit your unique needs
  • Give and receive supportive feedback
  • Share your speaking fears and challenges with others
  • Discover your own needs and strengths as a speaker
  • Feel the transformative power and self-discovery that comes from sharing your voice!

This club is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and wants to feel more confident speaking in any situation—whether or not a podium is involved!

Add your name to the waiting list!

How it Works

The club will launch again this fall and is led by Amber Ladley, Creative Director at Speaker Sisterhood and leader of the South Hadley, MA club.

At our first meeting, we’ll get to know each other and share our goals and needs. Every member will give a very short talk as part of a low-pressure exercise (no prep necessary). We’ll talk about how the club will operate and make sure everyone has all the materials they need.

At each of the eight meetings, we’ll start with prepared five-minute talks from five members. Speakers will get encouraging feedback from the group based on their particular needs.

After the prepared speeches, we’ll do gentle and fun exercises that help us stretch and try some new public speaking skills. Then before saying goodbye, we’ll reflect on what we’ll take away for the week.

In our final celebration class, each member will give a talk of her choice and we’ll celebrate our accomplishments and share goals for the future.

In between meetings, there are suggested resources to read or watch, but those are entirely optional. The only requirement is that you prepare a five-minute talk or story every other week.

What participants must have:

Headphones with built in mic
  • Computer with working microphone, speakers, and video camera
  • Headphones with built in mic (the inexpensive kind with ear buds are fine). See example.
  • Strong Internet connection


Payment due in full before first session

  • Non-member price: $297 (includes a one-year membership to the Speaker Sisterhood, giving you access to additional online resources all year long!)
  • Current members and club leaders of the Speaker Sisterhood price: $197

There is space for up to ten members. First come, first served.

Letter from the club leader, Amber Ladley:

(C) Sandra Costello 2017
Photo credit: Sandra Costello Photography, sandralovesyou.com

Welcome to Speaker Sisterhood’s first Virtual Club! I’m Amber Ladley, the Creative Director of the Speaker Sisterhood and a club leader in South Hadley, MA. With a background in tech and a love of teaching, I’m thrilled to be launching this online space to help women discover their own voice and improve their public speaking and communication skills.

Since joining the Speaker Sisterhood last fall, I’ve been amazed by the incredible women being attracted to our speaking clubs. Whether you are new to sharing your thoughts in a group setting or a professional speaker, you are invited to join our community of speaker sisters.

Our virtual club is limited to 10 members. If you’d like to join us in the fall, add your name to the waiting list! I very much look forward to meeting you and being a part of your speaking journey.


Get on the Waiting List!

We will be launching our Virtual club in late September/early October. If you’d like to be the first to know or have any questions, contact Amber using the form below: