Q&A with Karolynn Sheppard

karolynn-member-loveKarolynn Sheppard is the Assistant Director for Administration at Springfield College. She has been a member of the Springfield Club with Pam Thornton since it launched last August. We checked in with her and here’s what she had to say after being a member of the Speaker Sisterhood for the past 9 months.

Why did you join the Speaker Sisterhood?

I joined Speaker Sisterhood because I was looking for a place to develop and refine my speaking skills as well as build confidence and self-esteem for speaking in front of groups. I originally set out to become a member of Toastmasters; however, I was not impressed at my first meeting. I thought it was very impersonal, too formal and stiff and it wasn’t very supportive.

What do you love about it?

When I was introduced the Speaker Sisterhood, I was immediately impressed by the diversity and the dynamic that each woman brought to the group, along with the like-mindedness and automatic camaraderie that we shared. I love that we’ve really created this speaker community that is supportive, non-judgemental, and flawless– meaning we have the right to mess up, to not be perfect in our speaking or our delivery and there are no errors, no flaws. It’s all a part of each woman’s individual journey and growth. There’s room to offer our ideas, suggestions, thoughts, and feelings about each person’s speech without feeling or being critical. I love that every time I leave a Speaker Sisterhood meeting, I feel replenished, renewed, refreshed. I go, I give, I get, and I grow from each meeting.

How has becoming a member helped you?

Becoming a member has helped me increase my love of speaking and my confidence to do so.  Within 9 months of becoming a member, I found myself as a keynote speaker in front of a large crowd and it has only gotten better from there. I would have never even considered getting up in front of a large crowd had I not had the opportunity to continually practice and receive constructive feedback from my tribe.

Have you experienced any surprises or unexpected benefits since becoming a member?

Yes! Actually, that first keynote was a total surprise! Be careful what you wish for. In addition, there is a definite benefit of being part of a sisterhood. They have your back!

Why should someone else join?

I encourage women who want to develop, improve, practice, and master their communication skills, presentation skills, and dismiss their stage fright to come on out and vibe with us. We always have a great time. If you come in depleted, know that you will leave overflowing!

Is that you? Join us! Find a club near you or start your own speaking club for women.


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