Public Speaking Tips From a Pro featuring Angela Lussier

In this set of Public Speaking Tips From a Pro, our CEO + founder, Angela Lussier, teaches you how to get the most from public speaking.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 ways to make public speaking a tool for self-discovery
  • How to be an amazing public speaker even if you’re shy
  • How to reframe public speaking to make it easy and fun
  • How to make the most of your networking time by incorporating public speaking
  • How to book more speaking gigs


How Public Speaking Can be a Tool for Self-Discovery

Learn 3 ways to make public speaking a tool for self-discovery in this tip video from our CEO, Angela Lussier. She says, “Public speaking is like getting a master’s degree in your own psyche.

How to be an Amazing Public Speaker Even if You’re Shy

Do you need to have natural ability to be good at public speaking? Our CEO, Angela Lussier, doesn’t think so. She shares the secret that makes it possible for everyone to be a speaker if they choose!

How to Make Public Speaking Easy and Fun

Do your hands get sweaty and does your mind go blank when it’s your turn to speak in front of a group? Learn how to feel comfortable while speaking in public with just one mindset shift! Our CEO + founder, Angela Lussier, has used this tip to help overcome her fear as well!

How to Quickly Meet More People When Networking

Networking is a big part of building a successful business and brand. But if you’re spending lots of time in huge groups and only meeting 5-10 people at each event, are you getting the most return for your time? Learn an awesome hack for meeting everyone in the room at every networking event in today’s public speaking tip video from our CEO + founder, Angela Lussier.

How to Book More Public Speaking Gigs

If you want to speak to promote yourself or your business more often, learn this one tip to increase your bookings as a speaker. Once you learn it, it’ll seem obvious! This is how our CEO, Angela Lussier, built her reputation as a public speaker when she started in 2009.