Podcast Ep. 61: How to Use Small Steps to Accomplish Big Goals with Ashley Lucas

ashley-lucas-babson-win-claimthestage-speaker-sisterhood-podcastIf you have gotten off track or tend to lose sight of your goal, listen up!

Get overwhelmed easily by your own goals? If you’re constantly setting goals and then getting off track, losing sleep over everything you haven’t done yet, or completely forgetting why you set the goal in the first place, you’ll love today’s episode. I interview Ashley Lucas, Director of Babson College’s WIN Lab in Boston.

The WIN Lab is an eight-month accelerator program designed specifically for growth-stage women entrepreneurs. The program uses a process called Entrepreneurial Thought and Action to help the entrepreneurs accomplish their goals. Essentially, this process teaches you how to take small steps to get where you want to be. Ashley walks us through how to do this correctly and how she used this process to stop being so scared of public speaking and actually enjoy being on stage.

If you have big speaking goals and find yourself procrastinating or feeling lost, this episode is for you!

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Angela Lussier is the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood and also an award-winning speaker, three-time author, and two-time TEDx presenter. She is the host of Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for courageous women. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.