Podcast Ep. 69: Titles That Rule + Awesome Summaries


Make your talk irresistible to your target audience!

A big part of being a successful speaker is getting people to show up for your talk. But how do you create interest in your presentation if you’re unknown in your field or new to speaking? It’s easy – write a compelling title and intriguing summary to entice them!

On today’s episode, I go through a 4-step process I created called “The For Method.” It walks you through a simple formula for creating clear, simple, engaging titles. You can use this process for pretty much anything – speeches, blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, and beyond! After we go over the titles, I share a 5-step process I created for writing catchy summaries. This process will make your life soooo much easier when it comes to making your talk irresistible to your target audience. You can download the worksheets to use until the end of time using the link below. Enjoy!

Download the Titles That Rule + Awesome Summaries Worksheet

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Angela Lussier is the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood and also an award-winning speaker, three-time author, and two-time TEDx presenter. She is the host of Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for courageous women. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.