Dear Diary, Life is so awesome.

Also, I ate cake for breakfast this morning. 

Dear Diary,

I’ve been on the road a lot this month. Sorry I haven’t had much time to write. I’ve been meeting inspiring women from all over the Northeast and can’t believe what we’re building. The Speaker Sisterhood is changing the world! I’ve decided to stop trying to find the words to describe how this work makes me feel and instead I just laugh like a wild hyena all the time. This seems to better express my excitement and awe over the transformations taking place in our members. I don’t usually do this, but I’m including some pictures from the last month to showcase what’s happening. All I can say is 2018 is going to be huge! Thanks for being here to capture all my questions, updates, visions, and ideas. There’s so much more to come.

Launch Parties

Omg, so many launch parties! I had the pleasure of attending many of the new Speaker Sisterhood clubs. I’ve heard so many inspiring stories, witnessed blossoming friendships, watched women getting outside their comfort zone in the name of growth, and I’ve been completely lost for words when watching our new club leaders step into their roles. SO COOL. Start your own club.

Speaker Sisterhood at Feminem FIX2017 in NYC

Amber and I went to NYC for a big conference for women in emergency medicine. I got to give the opening keynote the last day of the conference and I taught about public speaking and how to do more of it. We treated ourselves to a celebratory dinner and watched lots of HGTV in our hotel room because, well, neither one of us have that channel at home and you have to take advantage of the moment. Want to book me to speak? 

Claim the Stage Podcast Guests

I just started recording my podcast interviews on Facebook Live and I love it! It’s fun to actually see the guests (not just hear them) and also interact with the viewers while the interview is going on. I’m still mastering the first few minutes of getting on Facebook (basically every interview starts off rocky!) but I’m sure it’ll get better as I go. Only downside is now I have to do my hair a little bit and not wear my house coat while recording. Could be worse. Recommend a guest or topic.

Photoshoot with Sandra

Four words: Sandra Costello is amazing. This lady got a bunch of us together (members and club leaders) and spent the whole afternoon shooting pics of us for our website. The energy that day was unforgettable. It was like friends getting together to hang out, even though many of the women there that day had never met. I want to do a photoshoot every day now! Can’t wait to show you more of these pics on social media.

Behind the Scenes

We have a headquarters! The Speaker Sisterhood is now stationed in my attic. A few weeks ago, Amber and Lenore came over and we cleaned out and swept up the whole attic to make room for our growing business. Besides that, I’m working on a big Speaker Sisterhood wood working project that I can’t wait to reveal in a couple of weeks! I’m also busy signing copies of The Secret Life of Speaking Up for new members and we’re always working on craft projects, too. Amber and Lenore are true crafting elves and they’ve been working hard to get our upcycled “Speak Up” pins out into the world.

Out and About

I’ve also been speaking around Western Mass! I recently spoke at the Western Mass Business and Innovation Expo and at the Leaders OnBoard program at Greenfield Community College. I was also interviewed on our Northampton club leader, Denise Vozella’s show. Listen here.

As you can see, the Speaker Sisterhood is no joke! Remember when I told you last year, when we launched, that this was going to be a big deal? Yeah, turns out I was right.

See ya,


CEO + Founder, Speaker Sisterhood