How To Scale Your Business: From One to Many with Angela Lussier (Sassy Strategist Podcast)

sassy-strategist-podcast-angela-lussier-ceo-founder-speaker-sisterhood-woman-speaker-femaleFrom Kim Dawson on the Sassy Strategist Podcast: Join me and Angela Lussier, CEO & Founder of the Speaker Sisterhood as we discuss finding your voice through public speaking, and creating a successful business by being open-minded to possibilities.

Angela discusses how she started with one speaking club, and within just one year, has grown to 16 clubs! Angela is taking the Speaker Sisterhood worldwide with one of her latest clubs in New Zealand.

Angela shares her story of building a scalable company with a licensing model, and how it’s easier than you think! Angela will help you go from feeling overwhelmed to confidently taking action and achieving your goals.