A tiny book club for you and your friends

I think book clubs have existed almost as long as books, but has there ever been a book club like the one we’re rolling out? I don’t think so.

speakersisterhood-tiny-book-clubs-are-hereI’m excited to announce the launch of our new tiny book clubs! What is a tiny book club? It’s a club for 10 friends to explore the tiny adventures in my new book, “The Secret Life of Speaking Up Prequel: 30 Tiny Speaking Adventures.”

The book takes curious readers on a series of writing and speaking explorations that help you feel more confident when speaking up. This book is meant to be fun and powerful, and it’s even better when you go on the adventures with friends.
If you’re looking for a new way to spend time with friends and want to grow together, start your own tiny book club.

We wrote the agendas for your meetings and laid out the whole plan to get you started. Your tiny book-club-in-a-box includes:

  • 10 copies of “The Secret Life of Speaking Up Prequel: 30 Tiny Speaking Adventures”
  • 10 Speaker Sisterhood pens
  • 10 Speak Up bookmarks/bumper stickers
  • 1 Speaker Sisterhood canvas bag for the club leader
  • Full agendas for each of the seven suggested meetings

Plus, you and your club members get to take part in our monthly LIVE, online 60-minute Q&A sessions with me! We’ll have coffee, talk about what you’re learning in the book, and I’ll answer any questions that pop up along the way. I can’t wait!

Your tiny book-club-in-a-box experience (including the live webinars with me) costs $229 (includes tax and shipping). That’s less than $25 per tiny book club member and an overall savings of $337 — if you purchased everything separately.

tiny-book-club-first-steps-speakersisterhdGrab nine friends and get ready for your new adventure.

If you want to see how to get started, check out our helpful tip sheet: First Steps for Setting Up Your Tiny Book Club.

$229 – Order Your Tiny Book Club Here

Get more information and order your tiny book-club-in-a-box at https://atomic-temporary-120749143.wpcomstaging.com/tiny/

Hope to see you at the first Q&A session on May 16th!


Angela Lussier
CEO + Founder