Podcast Ep. 144 How Childhood Trauma Can Steal Your Voice as an Adult with Dr Omar Reda


Today’s show is taking a rare turn into the world of mental health and trauma and how it influences our ability to use our voice. My guest is Dr. Omar Reda, a board-certified psychiatrist, Harvard-trained trauma expert, and Founder of Project Untangled, a model of care for trauma survivors. He has extensive experience and expertise in trauma-informed care, art and play therapy, refugee mental health, Muslim mental health, and the use of dialogue to combat hate. He is also the author of the book Untangled, A Go-To Guide for Caregivers of Traumatized Children, Families, and Communities.
We discuss:
  • The role of parents and what happens when they don’t do their job
  • What attachment is and why it’s important for speaking up
  • Types of trauma and how these experiences affect adults
  • Why people who experienced trauma as children metaphorically lose their voice
  • Strategies and tools for adults to learn how to speak up now
  • Approaches for breaking the cycle of trauma and loving yourself more
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Listen to episode 144 How Childhood Trauma Can Steal Your Voice as an Adult with Dr Omar Reda

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