Podcast Ep. 152 Asking for What You’re Worth: The Money Episode with Caleb Guilliams

Today’s episode was supposed to be focused on how to ask for what you’re worth as a speaker, but we ended up talking about much more! Our conversation covers speaking, money, and what my guest has learned about both. Caleb Guilliams founded the company BetterWealth, authored the best-selling book “The AND Asset”, hosts the Better Wealth Podcast, and speaks to thousands around the world. He is a fascinating twenty-something who is changing the face of finance and sees each speaking engagement as a strategic networking opportunity and a chance to build his brand. Listen in as he shares his story of getting into the field of finance, how he charges for speaking engagements and leaves a lasting impression, what he does to make the most out of every time he’s on stage, and what he has learned about using public speaking to build his company.
Take his BetterWealth financial assessment and find other free tools here.

Listen to episode 152 Asking for What You’re Worth: The Money Episode with Caleb Guilliams

Angela Lussier is the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood and also an award-winning speaker, seven-time author, and two-time TEDx presenter. She is the host of Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for women. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.