Podcast Ep. 158 A Life Suspended with Nicole Hendrick Donovan

Today’s episode is a chance to go inside the writer’s process and also learn more about the experience of publishing a book about a personal experience. As many speakers are looking to share their personal stories and may want to publish them as well, I hope today’s episode inspires you to start writing. My guest today is Nicole Hendrick Donovan. She is an author, reflective storyteller, spiritual seeker, mother, and teacher.
In July of 2020, Nicole published A Life Suspended: A Mother and Son’s Story of Autism, Extinction Bursts, and Living a Resilient Life. In her book, she shares the journey of discovering her youngest son is on the Autism spectrum and the process of getting him the education and support he needs to thrive.
We discuss:
  • How Nicole decided to write her book
  • How she came up with the title “A Life Suspended” and what it means
  • Techniques she used to get herself to write
  • how she decided what to share and what to leave out
  • how she’s using online speaking to help her promote her book
  • what writing the book did for her as a mother and a woman
You can connect with Nicole on Instagram @nhdwrites and Facebook at Nicole Hendrick Donovan. To read her blog, or her book, visit her website at nhdwrites.com.

Listen to episode 158 A Life Suspended with Nicole Hendrick Donovan

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