Podcast Ep. 165 Finding Pleasure Everywhere with Cindy Lee Alves

Today’s guest is Cindy Lee Alves (they/she), an award-winning sexologist and founder and head educator of Ascension Institute, a place to learn about pleasure, sexual shame, and sexological professional development. We discuss how to bring pleasure into your work, conversations and presentations, relationships, and life. Cindy Lee walks her talk and it shows in today’s episode. If you ever find yourself feeling dragged down by life or dreading the things you’re “supposed to” enjoy, you will love this conversation. Cindy Lee shares her own experiences with finding pleasure, why it matters, and how you can do the same.
More about our guest: Cindy Lee has over a decade of experience in facilitating challenging conversations with both adults and young people. Centering Black, Indigenous, and folx of color across intersecting system-impacted identities, they have educated thousands of people on sex(uality) ed(ucation) and wellness with interests in pleasure, justice, and liberation. She is also the host of Sex on Shuffle – a podcast discussing sex(uality) using teachable moments in music and popular culture. Cindy Lee earned their Master in Education from Widener University’s Center for Sexuality Studies and Bachelor of Arts in both Psychology and Women’s Studies from Stony Brook University. Additionally, they are recognized for their contributions as a founding member of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network’s Leadership Collective. Her downtime involves dancing, yummy food, and shimmying often.
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