Podcast Ep. 171 Letting Go of Your Inner Good Girl with Sarah Schneider

Do you remember being called a “Good Girl” as a child and beaming in delight over the praise and reinforcement for a job well done? If you’re now wondering why you find it difficult to say or do something that may not be seen as “nice” or “polite,” it may be because of your good girl conditioning. On today’s show, we talk to Sarah Schneider, a Good Girl Dismantler, executive coach, leadership trainer, and CEO of the leadership coaching company SarahSchneider & Co. We discuss the inner good girl problem and the struggles women face in leadership because of it, fears that get in the way of women embracing their power, and the skills needed to overcome the good girl mindset.
More about Sarah: For over 18 years, Sarah has been having candid conversations with leaders at all levels, supporting the professional, business, and personal development of those leaders, and effectively building and leading teams. Sarah works predominantly with women leaders to dismantle the cultural Good Girl conditioning so that they can do what they know to do and lead on their terms. Sarah is a Professional Certified Coach, holds an MBA, and navigated a decade in the male-dominated IT space.
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Listen to episode 171 Letting Go of Your Inner Good Girl with Sarah Schneider

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