Podcast Ep. 174 Create a System to be Brave with Laura Khalil

Have you ever looked at someone who is seemingly doing it all and wondered, how do they do so much? The answer may be that they have a system to keep them moving forward. On today’s episode, Laura Khalil, a communications expert, skilled interviewer and host of the Top 125 Apple Podcast, Brave by Design, teaches us how to create a system to be brave and do the work that scares us or typically stops us from moving forward. She shares the process she takes her clients through to help them avoid the dreaded “Not yet” excuse that can prolong us from starting something new. She also talks about how to get more conscious about destructive patterns we have, how the body can help us make better decisions, and how to determine what projects are worth it and which aren’t. 

More about Laura: 

Laura Khalil has consulted with some of the world’s most recognizable brands on marketing including Intel, GE, Twitter and more. Through her boutique agency, Podcast Brand Lab, she helps businesses grow their brand and client list and get booked solid through podcasting.

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