Podcast Ep.179 Using Your Voice for Email Marketing with Jena Bagley

We spend a lot of time talking about how to use your authentic voice for speaking, but when you want to sit down and write a compelling email that really connects to your audience, what is the best way to share your voice? Email is an incredibly effective method of marketing, yet it can be so hard to craft a message and hit send when you know it’s being broadcasted to hundreds or thousands of people. Learning what to say, how to say it, and when to send an email to get the most out of it is an art form. Today’s guest, Jena Bagley, Advocate Manager of AWeber, will enlighten you and give you helpful tips to be an effective email marketer. If you struggle with finding your voice when writing, you’ll gain helpful strategies to focus your words and get the most out of the communication.
More about Jena Bagley:
As the Advocate Manager for AWeber, a leading email service provider and the very first autoresponder, Jena Bagley works closely with content creators, podcasters, social media strategists & enthusiasts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and more. Through email marketing you can connect with your audience and drive them back to your podcast, blog, website or social platforms over and over again, keeping you top of mind. Having worked in several different industries over her career, including restaurant, bridal, real estate, recruiting, direct sales, and SaaS, Jena has acquired a wealth of knowledge about sales, marketing, and what it really means to build a relationship with your target audience.
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