Podcast Episode 208 Small Tweaks, Big Changes with Kathy Vines

Do you consider yourself to be a pretty good public speaker? Maybe even a great speaker? It’s possible you’re getting the job done, but there’s always room for improvement. As you’ll hear in part four of our four part series with Speaker Sisterhood club leaders and members, today’s guest came to our clubs to make small tweaks with an eye on big changes.
My guest today is Kathy Vines, a Certified Professional Organizer, owner of Clever Girl Organizing, and certified coach (CTACC) and professional resume writer through Kathy Vines Coaching.
On today’s show, Kathy describes her desire to go from being a trainer to being a more inspirational speaker through the use of storytelling and audience engagement techniques. She got the chance to test these new skills in her Speaker Sisterhood club before showing up in front of her audience and saw the difference right away.
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More about Kathy:
Kathy Vines has been a solopreneur times two since 2013. She is a Certified Professional Organizer and the owner of Clever Girl Organizing, based in Melrose, MA. She works with people to help untangle their relationship to stuff and create the systems to conquer the chaos around them, and these days, she does it all virtually. Kathy is also a certified coach (CTACC) and professional resume writer through Kathy Vines Coaching. She helps Gen X and Older Millennials with their career strategy, LinkedIn presence, and resumes as they navigate what comes next for them in their professional life. She’s been bringing her ideas to audiences from the stage and the zoom screen for years. She is the author of the book, “Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less: Break Free from Your Stuff, Even When Your Head and Heart Get in the Way”. She has appeared regularly in Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post. She even appeared in a segment about fridge organization on “Inside Edition.” That video has been viewed on YouTube over 2.5 million, though she has no idea why. Kathy loves creating clarity and aha moments for people, whether it is figuring out how they should spend the next 20 years of their career, or the best place to put their keys so they stop losing them, once and for all.

 Listen to episode 208 Small Tweaks, Big Changes with Kathy Vines

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