Podcast Ep. 66: How to Craft an Offer Your Audience Can’t Resist with Jan Maresh

jan-maresh-talksthatsell-claimthestage-podcastYou’ve created your “signature talk.” You’ve practiced it until you’re blue in the face, but every time you give it, you walk away empty handed—even though everyone said they loved you and your content. You’ve heard from all the marketing gurus that speaking to a group is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to get more clients, so what’s wrong? Meet wonderfully entertaining and top-selling For Dummies author, Jan Saunders Maresh, as she shares the missing piece—how to craft an offer they just can’t refuse. Even if it’s a free offer, you need to know how to craft an offer that actually converts.

Whether you sell a product or service, learn:

  • The fast and easy way to find and gather groups of your ideal clients who actually WANT what you offer.
  • The three components for creating an offer that consistently converts leads into buyers.
  • How to craft your offer so a percentage of every group ALWAYS does business with you. (Psssst…don’t miss a step or it will cost you!)

Even if you suffer from stage fright, Jan shares the nuts and bolts of crafting an offer your audience can’t resist. Get Jan’s free report at www.talkstar123.com and learn more about her business at www.talksthatsell.com.

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Angela Lussier is the founder of the Speaker Sisterhood and also an award-winning speaker, three-time author, and two-time TEDx presenter. She is the host of Claim the Stage, a public speaking podcast for courageous women. Her motto: Stop waiting. Start creating.