Ready to get paid to speak? Speaking School for Women is back by popular demand!


Ever notice you’re having the same conversation over and over again? Maybe everyone in your life is telling you to quit that job that makes you miserable, take that trip to Italy you’ve been talking about for five years or run that marathon you keep talking yourself out of trying.

You know the conversation. The one that makes you wonder what you’re missing and why you’re not taking action.

I’ve been having one of those conversations all year, and I’m happy to report I’m finally doing something about it.

The conversation I’m alluding to concerns my Speaking School for Women. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s my live, six-week online course that teaches women how to become paid, professional speakers. It’s actually the offering that led to the idea for the Speaker Sisterhood!

People often ask me when I’ll offer the course again, because it holds the information so many aspiring speakers need. After a year of having this conversation over and over again, I’ve decided it’s time.

I’m happy to announce that the Speaking School for Women returns October 1st. What’s more, this is the last time I’m teaching it live and in this format. After this enrollment period, the course will be offered again only as a recorded, self-guided online program.

What can you expect when you sign up?

Well, you’ll get everything you need to learn how to be a paid public speaker in six steps!


STEP 1: Build Your Brand
Know what makes you unique and how you’ll stand out. Stop wondering if your topic is boring and build something people want to buy!

STEP 2: Create Your Speaker Plan
Find out where you should promote yourself and how to do it. Learn how to connect with conference organizers and clients.

STEP 3: Develop Your Marketing Campaign
Learn the marketing techniques professional speakers use and go from unknown to in-demand. You’ll also build a “speaker one-sheet” to send out to prospects.

STEP 4: Learn How to Book Gigs and Price Yourself
You can’t inspire people who don’t know you’re out there. Find out how to get booked, price your gig and get paid!

STEP 5: Wow On Stage and Develop Your Signature Talk
Learn the strategies to give your audience what they want and get booked again! Use the STAGE System to build an inspiring signature talk that connects and sells.

STEP 6: Show Up As a Pro
Learn the tips to build momentum in your speaking business so you keep growing year after year.

Sound like something you’re ready to try? Class starts October 1st and registration is now open!

Learn more about the class and get registered here »

If you have any questions or if you’re not sure whether this course is for you, schedule a call with me and we can discuss.

angela-lussier-circleHope to see you in the last live class of Speaking School for Women!


Angela Lussier
CEO + Founder