Mistake Camp by Sandra Costello

“Over a year ago when I joined the Speaker Sisterhood I remember hearing Angela say, ‘Public speaking is like networking on steroids.’ This idea really stuck with me and got me thinking more about my business and how I can share my voice. When I came up with the idea to go live on Facebook I thought it was another way to share my voice and to get other women excited about public speaking. It also put a little fire under my butt to be better prepared and to plan out my speech sooner.

When the day came to give my speech live I was super nervous right before we went live. Seriously, I laid down on the ground for a couple of seconds to ground myself but once the film was rolling I couldn’t have been more comfortable. I felt excited, animated and really confident. It was exhilarating. It taught me if I wanted to give a speech I felt good about I needed time to properly prepare, and it reminded me to take risks. We can’t grow unless we stretch ourselves.”
— Sandra Costello
Member & official photographer of the Speaker Sisterhood

Sandra Costello is an award-winning photographer, entrepreneur, and the kind of cheerleader all small business owners want by their side. Always positive and ready to inspire. You can find her at www.sandralovesyou.com, or on Instagram @bravemoments.