The Decision I Made to Get Unstuck by Lenore Braun

When we feel "stuck" in a life situation (whether it's with a job that goes nowhere, being in an unhealthy relationship, or dealing with an overwhelming financial situation) we feel frustrated, lost, hopeless and ultimately powerless. That was me. It was just over a year ago, and I was there sitting at my desk panicked … Continue reading The Decision I Made to Get Unstuck by Lenore Braun

What Led Me to Lead by Becky Vesce

Once deciding I was going to start my own Sister Speakerhood club, I knew that I had to announce it in a featured speech at a club meeting. Then I thought “What if I could then use this speech to announce it to the WORLD!?” So I decided that I was going to go Live … Continue reading What Led Me to Lead by Becky Vesce

Mistake Camp by Sandra Costello

"Over a year ago when I joined the Speaker Sisterhood I remember hearing Angela say, 'Public speaking is like networking on steroids.' This idea really stuck with me and got me thinking more about my business and how I can share my voice. When I came up with the idea to go live on Facebook … Continue reading Mistake Camp by Sandra Costello

Courage by Cecile Lackie I have often found myself in awe of the many acts of courage being done. COURAGE…… just the thought of finding it can get my heart pounding! COURAGE is a word that, to me, depicted danger, fear, even a risk of death. Until last year. While in a conversation, a woman with a love for words brought to light the derivation of this word...courage. I had no idea learning the root … Continue reading Courage by Cecile Lackie