What Led Me to Lead by Becky Vesce

Once deciding I was going to start my own Sister Speakerhood club, I knew that I had to announce it in a featured speech at a club meeting. Then I thought “What if I could then use this speech to announce it to the WORLD!?” So I decided that I was going to go Live on Facebook. What better situation then in front of my fellow sisters, behind the Speaker Sisterhood lectern, and before my entire Facebook family. Pulling all my experiences together and writing my speech was the easy part, but going through with the live aspect was a bit harder. I almost got cold feet, maybe I should wait and practice this a few times first. But you know who doesn’t wait? Life doesn’t wait. So I seized the moment and went for it. And let me tell you, I’m so glad I did.

— Becky Vesce
Speaker Sisterhood Member & Club Leader

Becky Vesce is a 10 year professional in the gift and awards industry and 20+ years in customer service. She offers her experience and creativity on a mission to help build relationships through the thoughtful art of gift giving. You can find her at www.awards-more.com or on Facebook @beckyvesce and @awardsnmore.