Three Words by Alicia Davis

There is so much power in the meaning of words.

As a coach, I have an activity I do for myself and with my clients at the beginning of the year (you can do it anytime really) where we choose three words.  These words are meant to represent how we want to focus our attention and energy in any aspect of our lives, how we want to show up and ‘BE’.

Fearless.  Truth.  Action.

My three words for 2018.

This speech was an unexpected living into of my three words.  I was NOT planning on doing a Facebook Live video … but two of my other Speaker Sisters had bravely done them and I wanted to break through a huge block I had about it.  With the support of my Speaker Sisters I did!

I hope you are inspired by my speech … and I encourage you find your three guiding words for the year!

— Alicia Davis
Speaker Sisterhood Member & Club Leader

Alicia Davis, PCC, LMT is a Professional Certified Coach and a CT Licensed Massage Therapist with over 25 years of experience in holistic healthcare. She specializes in the healing arts, stress reduction, mind/body connection, mindfulness practices, and individual and team wellbeing. Alicia brings a unique Core Energy coaching approach to health, wellness and balanced living.