The Decision I Made to Get Unstuck by Lenore Braun

When we feel “stuck” in a life situation (whether it’s with a job that goes nowhere, being in an unhealthy relationship, or dealing with an overwhelming financial situation) we feel frustrated, lost, hopeless and ultimately powerless. That was me. It was just over a year ago, and I was there sitting at my desk panicked because there I was, yet again, “stuck” in a never-ending career cycle: working a job that was exactly what I didn’t want: typical. I wanted a role that didn’t define me and my purpose. Rather, I would create the role, build the role and grow the role autonomy, creativity, empowerment and ability to keep growing.  Why did I keep letting myself down? How come I couldn’t figure out how to land the opportunity I truly wanted? The frustration, mixed with the feeling of not being sure where to turn, left me feeling powerless. Or so I thought.

I believe our voice (even the internal one that speaks to us) is the most powerful tool we have. I had an important conversation with myself that day that forever changed my life. It was honest, it was direct and ultimately empowering. I wanted to share this story with the world because I believe most of us feel “stuck” at one time or another. The power to change that lies with us. It starts with an important conversation with yourself, followed by 1 tiny step forward.

— Lenore Braun
Speaker Sisterhood Club Director, Member & Virtual Club Leader

Lenore is enthusiastic and passionate about being a member of Speaker Sisterhood, wearing 3 different (very colorful) hats: Club Member, Club Leader and Club Director. Her guiding philosophy is that a Vision Board + Small Steps = Anything is possible. Lenore’s greatest joy comes with helping others to see the tiny, sometimes hidden, doable steps in front of them in order to help them achieve their professional goals.